Response to COVID-19 and Useful Documents


In March 2020, the Covid 19 Nedlac Rapid Response Task Team (NRRTT) was established to ensure that the country responded effectively to the threat of Covid-19 through engagements with Business, Community, Government and Labour. 

The work of the NRRTT has covered the following areas:

Protection of workers, companies & unemployed

  • UI Covid 19 Ters
  • Payment holidays
  • Best practice guide for provident schemes
  • Credit Guarantee Scheme
  • Grants – social relief
  • Gender based violence

Workplace adaption

  • Health and Safety Direction (3 versions)
  • Training of shop stewards and Compliance Officers
  • Work place surveillance
  • Public transport

Managing the safe opening up of the economy

  • Retailers
  • Liquor
  • Tourism
  • Communication 
Nedlac relationship with Nat Joints

A relationship between the NRRTT and Nat Joints was also established.

The deliberations of the Nedlac Rapid Response Task Team (NRTT) and the Nat Joints have been towards proposals for consideration and further discussion in respect of some the following areas:
  • Clarity on various Levels of regulations;
  • Vaccine delivery;
  • Return to work and school;
  • Relief;
  • Restrictions on the liquor industry;
  • Communication and community mobilisation and awareness;